Event marketing is a great way to advertise and reach customers. “Live marketing” directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand. It drives purchases and consideration across age, gender, and ethnicity. 70% of consumers say that they would be more likely to purchase a product or brand after experiencing it at an event.

Florida Sun Fest Corp is offering you “Live marketing” at its best, providing a unique and targeted way to get your message in front of over 20,000 consumers.

QuebecFest Mardi Gras Party

Québec Fest TM

Free event

2 days of fun under the sun with Live music , Shows, food, drinks, raffles

 and much more!

Every winter, South Florida greets thousands of snowbirds, coming from all parts of North America; it is known that many have established themselves in our sunny & warm cities to avoid the rigorous weather of the northern States & Canada.


The snowbirds communities are constantly growing; nowadays spending time in Florida is not just a fact happening during the winter season. The “North American” snowbirds travel to South Florida, in large numbers and on a year-round basis. They invest and buy properties; some of them even start businesses and become an active part of our community.


Our company, Florida Sun Fest has created the Québec Fest  which is a cultural event, it reunites people from all demographics, it’s not just about Canadians or Québécois or senior citizens or boomers, our demographic goes beyond that,  we greet people of all ages, including young families.  They attend our event for the fun of it, to enjoy the festive atmosphere, attend one of the Free shows, listen to Live music, eat good food, meet new people, find out about some products and services offered, meet with business owners and their representatives, make new friends and while they are there, maybe they even get a chance to win a door prize or our grand prize! Whatever their reason is, at Québec Fest, they gather together to have a great time!